Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Movie review: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Possibly the best of the series and here’s why: It gets more thrills out of suspense rather than action. What I remember from number 2 is explosions, Tom Cruise diving sideways in slow motion while  firing two guns at once and him pulling off rubber latex mask after rubber latex mask. This is what I remember because this was all there was.
Ghost Protocol is more interested in fantastic set pieces (the Dubai tower climbing sequence, and a fight at the end at a location I won’t ruin for you.), and suspense. Brad Bird makes things *not* blowing up more exciting than when things do blow up.
The whole parallel-hotel-room exchange sequence could be the most exciting sequence in the movie and it’s basically a McGuffin exchange scene we’ve seen a million times.
It’s all very exciting and very funny. 
They should also get credit for actually watching the TV show. The opening title sequence, is a great homage to the TV show’s opening titles, and the sequence where they misdirect the target to the wrong hotel room was lifted from an episode (whether or not they know it).
Simon Pegg plays the same comic relief Scotsman he played in Star Trek, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Paula Patton gets more beautiful as the movie goes on.
Forget about his personal life, Tom Cruise is a movie star.
I could be wrong, but in the epilogue, Tom Cruise’s hair was much longer than it was during the rest of the film. The scene is supposed to take place some time later than the body of the movie but months later? I didn’t read anything but I suspect they had made an epilogue which didn’t quite work so they brought everyone back for a reshoot.
Bottom line: Very thrilling movie. Don’t get a giant-size soda at the concessions stand because it’s over 2 hours and you really don’t want to miss a minute.

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