Monday, April 16, 2012

See you in the funny papers

I'm behind on this review, but if you are any kind of comic strip fan, it would behoove you to find a copy, (I've seen them in Barnes & Noble), or better yet subscribe to Hogan's Alley. It covers comics from the Yellow Kid to Sponge Bob (another yellow kid, actually) and everything in between.

As a kid I loved spreading out the Sunday comics on the living room floor, studying the art, and memorizing the names of the artists, and the syndicate. (The Evening Bulletin's selection was always better than the Inquirer's). This magazine has interviews of or stories about everyone I've ever admired.

The latest issue has a great interview with Cathy Guisewite, a history of Bluto and his legally-induced dopplegangers, and a funny story about how every time DC Comics needed to goose sales, they'd put a gorilla on the cover.

Check it out here.

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