Friday, January 11, 2013

Film Review: "Bridesmaids," the overdue free HBO weekend edition

For a hit movie, it was really not very good:

Extra-long sequence of dueling toasts which outlasted its funniness
Extra-long sequence on airplane which outlasted its funniness
Extra-long sequence at bridal shower that outlasted its funniness
Diahrea sequence which is somehow mandatory in every modern comedy
I read once that in any movie that centers on women it has to be about competition between two women, either for a man, or in this case, the friendship of another woman.

This was a thin thin story. I keep thinking the original version of "The Producers" is the last comedy that had a plot. Every comedy since "Porky's" has been about people pooping, and isn't it hilarious when people get the runs.

OK, no one got kicked in the balls, somehow they forgot to do that, probably because there were so few men in the movie.

Great cast, some good set up, meeting all the characters, then it loses momentum with the dueling toast scene and never recovers.

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