Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: 30 Rock, last episodes

Great, nonstop jokes, and it managed to end on a hug without any actual hugging. ("I love you too, Jack.") (it pisses me off to this day that every episode of "Family Ties" ended with a hug.)

Kenneth's immortal
Every woman in L.A. looks like Cerie
Julianne Moore and Selma Hayek have lost their accents
"I shouldn't have gotten such a loud pacemaker"
The cancellation of the show doesn't sink in until they take away Jenna's mirror.

Really a great way to go.

Some niggling things. Parts of it though reminded me of those dreadful 1980s reunion movies, where we see what Gilligan/girls from "Fact of Life," Rhoda and Mary are doing now. Kenneth is now president of the network, Jack is having an identity crisis in his new role of CEO. If 30 Rock was awful, and they did have a reunion show 15 years from now, that's the kind of plotting we'd have.

But all in all, a great finish to a great show. It should have gotten a complete season to tell this story though.

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