Friday, June 7, 2013

Beetle Bailey's futile search for relevance

It would be very easy to be negative all the time, but I think it's important to be positive in my posts. There's usually something positive in everything.


This Beetle Bailey doesn't work at all. The Mort Walker team is trying to be hip and modern, and it's like those Bob Hope specials from the 60s where he and Joey Heatherton dressed like hippies. Just sad really.

The Walker team thinks it's funny that Killer took a picture of Miss Buxley and instantly posted it on his Facebook page.

How is that funny?

That's what people do.

It's like if they thought it would be funny if Beetle hopped in a Jeep...then drove somewhere.

And why is Killer's head shaking?

This is precisely why Bill Watterson was right to quit after ten years.

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