Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mindy's second season

I have high hopes for the second season. I watched all of the first season in a matter of days and though the show was very funny, the plotting and casting were all over the place. Mindy had seven sexual partners! That's more than Carrie Bradshaw had in all six seasons of "Sex and the City." And that show was called "SEX and the City." The episodes where she raps, and the one where they hit a frat party were both head-scratching misses.

I'm glad they finally settled on a cast. Once again, in the first season all kinds of characters who were supposed to be regulars just came and went with little to no explanation. (What happened to the doctor whose name is on the practice they all work at, what about the Italian secretary, what about the best blonde friend? on and on).

They had written themselves into a corner with the first season finale, and for this season's first episode they're kind of pretending  it never happened and they want a fresh start. That's fine with me, a lot of TV shows don't get good until their second or third season (Simpsons, Cheers, Murphy Brown...)

I think they've finally worked out the bugs, this could wind up as one of the best shows this season.

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