Sunday, July 6, 2014

Film review: Earth to Echo

If you're old enough to be a parent, then you're old enough to have seen "E.T." and/or "Stand By Me," and if you've seen those movies, you're going to be bored silly by "Earth to Echo," which borrows liberally from both classics.

(Watching "E.T." back in '82, I couldn't get over how much it borrowed from "Escape to Witch Mountain.")

It has the added quality of borrowing from  the 'found footage' genre, pretty much guaranteeing the easily queazy a case of motion sickness.

It's a well-made film, your kids will love it. There's nothing objectionable. But, I had to sit through it with my eyes closed to keep from throwing up.

On a positive note, Teo Halm will be a big movie star someday probably soon.

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