Thursday, March 15, 2012

Not-so-super heroes

I never quite understood the whole Seven Soldiers of Victory.
First of all, there were eight members!
While sister comic book company All-American Comics had the genuinely thrilling Justice Society, most members with a superhuman power, National had these guys. All non-powered civilians in long underwear.
Vigilante was a Lone Ranger rip-off, Crimson Avenger started as a Shadow rip-off, Green Arrow an unashamed Batman rip-off -- he drove an arrow mobile, worked in an arrow cave, flew an arrow plane...and he had an obligatory teen sidekick.
The gimmick with the Star-Spangled Kid was he was a  teen with an *adult* sidekick.
Let's face it, these guys were losers.

Charlton Comics had the same problem, with the exception of Captain Atom all their heroes were civilians in long underwear. Psssst, this isn't why kids buy comic books.

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  1. My problem with this group is that it always seemed like Aquaman should be in there. After all, these are the National characters as opposed to the All-American characters (who were essentially the JSA). Of course that would have made 8...or as you say, counting Wing, 9.